National Standards and Quality Department

Metrology Division

The Metrology Division within the Department of Research and Innovation (DRI) is the organization designated by law in Myanmar to develop, maintain and disseminate the national measurement standards of Myanmar to industry and Government. This is to ensure uniformity of measurement and their traceability to the international System on Units (SI) throughout the country.

Mission and Vision of the Metrology Division

To promote and support an integrated national measurement system that insures that measurements made in the Union of Myanmar are accurate, reliable and will be recognized by the international metrology community.

The Role and Functions of the Metrology Division

  • Establishing the national measurement system of units and participation in international metrology activities;
  • Establishing and maintaining traceability of measurement to the SI;
  • Disseminating the legal units of measurements to all sectors in the country;
  • Providing a sound Metrology basis to the National Accreditation System and
  • Providing education, training and consultancy in metrology to all stakeholders.

The Metrology Division has three units:

  • Scientific Metrology
  • Legal Metrology
  • Industrial Metrology

Scientific Metrology

The Scientific has the responsibility of maintain the nations measurements standards and to disseminate them through calibrations services to industry and government laboratories. The Metrology Division has the basic equipment and instrumentation to serve as the highest order National Standards. Currently, the Metrology Division conducts measurement and calibration services for Mass, Temperature, Pressure, Dimensional, Electrical and Volume. Our focus at this time is the refurbishment of our laboratories, acquiring modern suitable measurement standards and developing a quality system with the aim of the laboratories achieving internationally recognized accreditation.

Legal Metrology

The Legal Metrology Unit’s primary function is to insure that measurements related to trade, specifically in the area of weights and measures are accurate and fair.  Carrying out this function, the Legal Metrology Unit conducts inspection and verification of measuring instruments in the market place and in its laboratories for:

  • Testing of electricity meters
  • Scales in the market place
  • Verification of petroleum pumps
  • Verification of Water supply meters
  • Verification of the volume of petroleum tanker trucks
  • Verification of the weight of Pre-Packaged goods in the market place

The Metrology Division has to establish verification services for legal metrology after promulgating the Law on Metrology. It is proposed to take a phased approach to the implementation of Legal metrology verification services for issuing verification certificates that a measuring instrument complies with Myanmar’s statutory requirements. The Metrology Division will oversee the setting of requirements for all measurements that will be regulated under the law and the technical requirements for the measuring instruments to be used for these measurements. As a starting point for implementation, the regulated measurements will include the fundamental trade measurements to ensure consumer production and a level playing field for manufacturers who produce prepackaged goods and other measureable products, which will promote competition and fair trade.

Industrial Metrology

The Metrology Division will provide a host of verification and calibration services to industry and other stakeholders to insure that measurements made in factories are accurate and are traceable to our national measurement system. To implement above issues, Metrology Division will development high-level facilities of metrology laboratories to support verification of instruments and prepare as a priority to support the control of weighing instruments and prepackaged goods.

International Cooperation

The Metrology Division has international cooperation with UNIDO, PTB, GIZ, JICA and USAID to promote a modern and effective metrology infrastructure. The metrology division is also the legal metrology/focal point of WG3 under ACCSQ. The Metrology Division will soon be seeking membership and participation in international metrology organizations.

Bureau International des Poids et Measures (BIPM)

The task of the BIPM is to ensure world-wide uniformity of measurements and their  traceability to the International System of Units (SI).

 International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML)

The(OIML is an intergovernmental treaty organization,  established in 1955 in order to promote the global harmonization of legal metrology procedures.

   The Asia-Pacific Legal Metrology Forum (APLMF)

The Asia-Pacific Legal Metrology Forum (APLMF) is a grouping of legal metrology authorities in the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) economies and other economies on the Pacific Rim, whose objective is the development of legal metrology and the promotion of free and open trade in the region through the harmonization and removal of technical or administrative barriers to trade in the field of legal metrology.

  Asia-Pacific Metrology Programme (APMP)

The APMP is a grouping of national metrology institute (NMIs) from Asia-Pacific region engaged in improving regional metrology.

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